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Die By Day - A novelette by Wink Grise

I'm very excited to announce the release of 'Die By Day' A Novelette by Wink Grise for which I created the cover art!

I've been wanting to do book covers forever! It's not a hard cover book, it's only available on Kindle at present but I'm thrilled!

Film Noir meets Vampires."She would have been beautiful when she was alive. Smooth, angled cheek bones, huge almond shaped eyes, raven hair spilling down over one shoulder...Now that she was undead she was very...different." Sam Archer usually "nudges" sub atomic particles with his mind. But this undead dame has something else up her sleeve. This novelette is roughly equivalent to a one hour TV episode.

Get your copy Here!

And other news - I'm on the cover of the latest Kustom Pinstriping and Graphics Magazine!

And last but certainly not least, I've dipped my toes into the world of Gaming with a new Avatar/ Logo for the lovely Domino Scarlett

Also support her on Patreon:

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