Back from Byron Bay

Hello all!

I've been off galavanting interstate for an Illustration/ animation job in the lovely Byron Bay, hence my being quiet.

In the last week I've picked up the paintbrushes again to work on a commissioned painting, a version of the digital painting of Amy Winehouse that I featured iin my last Blog post. This is a work in progress and is no where near finished.

I've also re- opened my Etsy store. You will be redirected from there via my 'shop' page. I have uploaded all of my signed art prints as well as small originals (large original paintings are still available from my Original art page).

I'll be back next week with something new!

'Till then,

isobel x

#amywinehouse #oilpainting #originalart #buyisobelvonfinklesteinart #Etsy #Myetsystore

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