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Annabelle's Dance

It's been a rocky start to the year, with hospital visits and run in with wild beasts (domestic cats) but I do believe the coast looks clear from here on in (fingers crossed!).

If you haven't seen it on my home page, my latest work has been for the wonderfully talented singer Robyn Cage. It is an illustrated music video for her haunting an theatrical song 'Annabelle's Dance'. Robyn's music has been compared to Adele, Fiona Apple, Lana Del Rey, and Florence + the Machine so if you like them, you're sure to like Robyn Cage. I think there is a sprinkle of Tori Amos in the mix too.

As Robyn had mentioned on facebook, she contacted me looking for simple illustrations involving stick figures but I loved the song so much that I felt it deserved much more than that (I could have gone crazy with detail but I tried to keep it simple as time was not permitting more).

Creating these artworks has made me want to dip my toes more into the world of animation.

Robyn is an amazingly talented woman, and lovely to boot!

Please visit Robyn's website.

Here's the music video, I hope you enjoy it...

isobel xxx

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