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Kustom Kulture weekend, art prints and more

Hello all!

It's been a few years but I've decided that it's time to hit the road again and do some stalls, starting with my hometown, Adelaide and the Kustom Kulture Weekend!

kustom kulture weekend.jpg

I stopped doing shows a few years back as we moved to the country and my hubby's business required some travel but I've missed it. Next on the agenda will be Greazefest Brisbane and possibly Melbourne as well as Mildura's Goanna Run.

I wish I could have gone last year and met one of my favourite artists Keith Weesner (as featured in the poster above). I'm sure most of you are well aquainted with his work but if not, look him up - his artwork and attention to detail is simply amazing!

So, if you're in town for the Adelaide Fringe Festival, come say hello! I will have a range of prints and goodies available on Friday and Saturday night.

I have also decided to add a range of Signed Art Prints to my store. These will be individaully signed and shipped directly from me. Click here to order yours!

40 print banner.png

I have also donated my artwork 'Hello Sailor' to Urban Ark Youth for their Auction fundraiser.

UrbanARK Youth is a place where young people aged 12-25 can meet others, enjoy recreational activities, access services, learn new skills, and get involved in a range of innovative and creative programs. One of the most important parts of our work is providing opportunities for Australian Youth to develop a passion for something that changes their outlook and attitude in a positive way. It’s about helping young people find an activity they are good at, then helping them to channel their energy positively. We want to create an environment where finding your passion can become something truly life-changing.

Many awesome lowbrow artists have donated their work, to find out more, click here.

HelloSailor mermaid pinup girl tattoo vonfinkketeinstudio.png

"Hello Sailor' Original acrylic pen painting, donated to Urban Ark Youth fundraiser.

Here are my latest works:

"Fish out of water'

Acrylic on canvas sheet. To buy the original, click here

To purchase a signed print, click here.

Fish out of water.png

''I spy'

Acrylic on canvas sheet.

This item is sold but signed prints are available here.

I spy painting.png

And my 'Halloween Happy Hour' oil painting is still in the works, oils take some time to finish but she's getting there!

halloween happy hour progress.jpg

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