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Post Apocalyptic Selfie

I created this draft sketch in Photoshop after listening to the Doctor Karl Radio show/ Triple J Podcast last week, featuring environmentalist, David Suzuki.

They were talking about how our lives revolve around consumption and in this instance David Suzuki mentioned his pet peve of disposable fashion... which led me to thinking.. will we keep consuming until the very end? Will we really destroyed everything for the sake of our wants? And to mark the the end occasion, will we take a selfie?

To me, a Selfie is the ultimate modern 'disposable' It means nothing, people take hundreds and thousands of them, they add filters, make themselves look 'perfect' only for it to be shown for 15 seconds, after which our ever shortening attention spans move on.. to the next vapid moment in our feeds. Nothing really achieved except for a self esteem boost from the stream of compliments on our superbly crafted duck-faceyness. Or, for some, the self esteem shattering sound of crickets when the selfie is largely ignored.

I certainly hope that, as a species, we can work on having a longer attention span, think more, create more and work out the larger problems in life (besides the perfect duck face) before we make our existence on this planet unbearable.

I'm not completely cynical. I think (hope) we'll work it out, despite what the media would like us to belive.

Or we can all just pack up and ship ourselves to Mars!

Anyway, I'm off to get a coffee and put my dislike of selfies and cynicism back in its box.

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