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Unraveling the Cosmic soup.

Happy monday to you all!

Last week saw me experimenting with colours and techniques in Manga studio. I've been craving to get back to my old style of 'journal' style drawing - a kind of jumble of thoughts and ideas, rolled into a single picture.

I used to keep many visual journals, even before I went to art school. I have always been better at expressing visually, rather than in writing.

Many of my earlier paintings were also done in a similar vein - Junk yard baby, Roulette and the Jesus Bot are a few examples.

These images might seem a bit more weird and surreal to those who are used to my usual pinup style but I hope you like them. You get to see a bit more of 'me' in this work.

I'm hoping to create a series of paintings from these.

'Unravel' is about removing the 'outer self' and letting all of the thoughts and feelings out, finding direction within your own space in the universe.

The above images are a work in progress called 'Cosmic soup'

Blending my cultural loves, listening to your inner intuition and being part of the universe.

I often listen to science podcasts while I work, this may be coming through a little in this one - the record in the middle is to represent the Golden record on the Voyager space craft.

And a little more wet paint on my 'Evolve' Oil Painting

Oh! And has anyone seen the Tim Burton film 'Big Eyes'? We saw this last night - I can't belive how deluded Margaret Keane's husband was!

When I see stories like this, it makes me extremely thankful to be living at a time when women are free to do as they please, work and create in their own right, without permission.

'The Stray' By Margaret Keane

Thanks for reading, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

isobel xx

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