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A great weekend!

Firstly, the woman writing this has barely any brainpower left after a long but fun weekend, so forgive me if some things make little or no sense!

Friday night saw the opening of Adelaides Kustom Kulture weekend (it's 13th year in fact!) and I had my first stall there after a couple of years off. There were some cool bands, burlesque and cars - it was awesome! If you're in town next year, you should definitely go!

Photo taken from the Kustom Kulture S.A facebook page.

Here's a photo of me, looking a bit tired and sunburnt at my stall on Saturday. Featuring my oil painting of 'Halloween Happy Hour'. Photo by John Ant

There were a few local artists there with their awesome art!

I didn't get a chance to take my own photos but here are a few from their facebook pages.

Tracey Grivell

And of course, the ever amazing MoonDog who has been one of the key organsers of the event since the beginning. I wish I had more photos of his art to show you but here's one of his t- shirt designs - he screens them himself.

There were loads of awesome bands, pinstriping and a tattoo booth but I'll let you check them out as I need to make myself another coffee!

And to wrap up, I've finally finished the Halloween Happy hour painting. She'll be available from my 'Original Art' Page shortly.. stay tuned.

That's all folks! See you next monday - hopefully bright eyed and bushy tailed!

isobel xxx

P.S - Nearly forgot! I'm in the process of updating my neglected Deviant Art profileif you're on there and would like to join me:

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