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Short and sweet

It's all go in the Finklestein Art Kitchen!

Finished a fun cartoon portrait for a favourite client in Germany! I have done event posters for their gig Summertime in Elm for the past 4 years - Gosh time goes quick!

This image was hand drawn/ painted in Manga Studio. This kind of image takes me over a week (8 hours + a day) to create - cars take me the longest!

I have also decided to start doing a range of my own prints again and will have a range of them at the Kustom Kulture Weekender in Adelaide this weekend - 13, 14, 15 February 2015

Please click HERE to take you to the full range of prints

And now for my favourite artist of the week!

Japanese artist OneQ - Visit her facebook page

'Till next monday!

isobel xxx

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