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Happy Easter.. almost!

The chocolate fest is almost upon us and I wanted to do something a little different and create a new artwork that is steeped in Pagan symbolism.

I have named her after the Lunar Goddess Eostre (Oestra or Ostara)

The artwork features the Southern Cross, Horus' damaged eye, Spring, Fertility, the bunny (which may or may not have been symbolising the marks on the moon), Easter Lillies, the bird with frozen wings (apparently they were frozen after a late spring and the moon goddess felt guilty, took care of it and turned it into a snow hare) and of course the full moon... I think that's all! I hope you like her!

Prints and accessories of this artwork are now available from my Red Bubble store.

I also have a range of signed prints available from my art prints page on this website.

And here is a sneak peek of another artwork, yet to be finished.

Both artworks are hand painted in photoshop.

Hope you all have a great week and a lovely break over the long weekend. Stay safe if you are travelling.

isobel xxx

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